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Christian Retreats Network

Christian Retreats Network


Buffet Meals

Included in Group Retreat Packages
Serving Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Buffet dining is standard in all retreat packages. We offer self-service buffet lines at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A breakfast meal typically consists of a protein, hot side dishes, cereals, fruit, and a beverage center of milk, juice, coffee, and water. A lunch or dinner meal typically consists of multiple hot entrees, variety of side dishes, soup, salad bar, dessert, and beverage center.

Our Food Service manager will choose the menu with care based on the type of groups we have on grounds at that time. We do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions, however there are times where a guest may be asked to bring supplemental food in regards to their restriction. If a guest has a dietary request please submit those to your event/group leadership so they can arrange through Conference Services.

Our buffet style of dining is a great way to offer a lot of variety and please all members of your group! However, this style of dining can lead to excessive waste at times, so we encourage our guests to take as they want, but to eat what they take. We feel excessive waste goes against God’s call of us to be good stewards, and we know you would agree!

All meals are served in the Lakeside Dining Room, which sits on the shore of the lake, with large windows overlooking the water. Following your meal, feel free to step out for a short walk around the lake or take a moment to unwind in the gazebo!

Buffet Dining

Included in Group Retreat Packages Serving Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Salad Bar with Lunch & Dinner Buffets Beverage Center

Connections Cafe

Located at the Activities Center
Snack or Full Grill Options

The Connections Cafe is located in the Activities Center, adjacent to the outdoor patio with fountain. The Connections Cafe does not hold regular hours and must be scheduled ahead of time with Conference Services. We have a grab-and-go style setup where guests pick up a tray, grab the items they want, check-out at the register. Plus with our convenient cashier systems we can accept cash, credit card, and most payment apps! Guests will exit the Cafe onto the patio. Our outdoor patio is covered and well-lit, providing guests with a scenic place to relax, eat, and socialize. The Cafe menu currently includes the snack staples and ice cream favorites. You can view the full menu here, but please keep in mind that your group leader may choose a limited version for the event.

Connections Cafe

Pizza Parties Snack Package Options Full Grill