Meeting spaces are available for small gatherings and large conferences with our largest venue seating up to 1500 guests. Group retreat packages include a private meeting space setup to your specifications and include A/V equipment, all at no extra charge.

Max Capacity: 1500
Multiple breakout spaces available
Seating Styles: Rows, Theater, Classroom, Banquet, Rounds

Max Capacity: 100
Room Dimensions: 27 x 38
Seating Styles: Rows, Rounds, Conference, Classroom, U-Shape

Max Capacity: 100
Room Dimensions: 38 x 29
Seating Styles: Rows, Rounds, Conference, Classroom, U-Shape

Max Capacity: 40
Dimensions: 18 x 24
Seating Styles: Rows, Conference, Classroom, U-Shape 

Max Capacity: 50 each or 160 combined
Seating Styles: Rows, Theater, U-Shape, Classroom, Conference

Max Capacity: 50
Room Dimensions: 26 x 22
Seating Styles: Rows, Conference, Classroom, U-Shape

Max Capacity: 130 each or 260 combined
Room Dimensions: 34 x 40 each or 68 x 40 combined
Seating Styles: Rows, Banquet, Rounds, Classroom

Max Capacity: 320
Room Dimensions: 59 x 54
Seating Styles: Rows, Banquet, Classroom

Max Capacity: 150
Seating Styles: Rows, Banquet, Classroom

Max Capacity: 60
Dimensions: 31 x 25
Seating Styles: Rows, Classroom, Conference