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Christian Retreats Network

Christian Retreats Network

Eagle Crest

Escape Room

Eagle Crest Adventures offers 2 escape rooms. These one-hour programs are designed for small groups to work together to solve the mystery of the room. Each session will start with a brief orientation. Once your group enters the room, the clock is ticking. Upon leaving the room, whether or not you successfully solved the riddle, there will be a debriefing centered around the group’s response to the challenge. Although both rooms are designed to be challenging for all ages, the author has added an additional story line for each, with younger students in mind.

Contact Eagle Crest Adventures to add this thrilling new team building exercise to your event package.

Can you crack the Capone case?

During Prohibition, a Chicago “businessman” built the barn at Lake Williamson and used it to supply alcohol to notorious gangster, Al Capone.  Local legend claims Capone would hide his car in the barn when visiting.  But what else did he hide there?  Your team of Treasury Agents has been hand picked by Eliot Ness himself to search Capone’s office and find the ledger that will convict Capone of tax evasion.  You have one hour to crack the safe and get out…or wind up sleeping with the fishes.


Science Lab

A mad scientist at Blackburn college was recently fired for releasing a mind-altering virus into the world's supply of corn.  The Centers for Disease Control and the United States Department of Agriculture have enlisted your help to find Dr. Schnorfulbaum’s secret files, believed to contain the formula for the antidote. Agents speculate the doctor keeps all his files on a hidden flash drive. Find the flash drive and escape Dr. Schnorfulbaum’s lab to save the world. The doctor is currently away from his lab at his stylist, but will return in one hour.  You have until then to complete your mission.