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High Ropes

Lake Williamson is home to a one-of-a-kind high ropes course! Eagle Crest Adventures’ BarnQuest was intentionally designed to facilitate team building as high as 35′ off the ground. While most high ropes courses focus on individual participation, BarnQuest’s multi-tiered, multi-lined course allows groups to face challenges as a team.

Participants on the high ropes course face an exhilarating experience where they are challenged physically, emotionally, and mentally with elements that require trust, problem solving, and group planning. The elements on the course take participants 15′, 25′, or 35′ into the air. Far from being an amusement park thrill ride, the high ropes course is designed to be a “teachable moment.” Individuals are not coerced into participation, but are encouraged to stretch themselves as much as they choose. Eagle Crest Adventures’ facilitators hail the smallest attempt by participants as a success.

Another unique feature is the location of the course. Situated within a 1918 Sear’s Kit Barn, one of the largest wooden barns in the Midwest, the winterized course is open year-round and late at night. Unlike any other Midwest location, you can be assured that your group’s high ropes experience will not be cancelled due to weather.

Take your group 35 feet in the air to keep them a little more down to Earth!  Contact Eagle Crest Adventures to add high ropes to your retreat package.

Quick Facts:

2-3 hour programs
Open Year Round & Never Rained Out
2 Levels of Obstacles
Add on the Zip Line Finish
Custom Tailored Programs
100% Facilitated to Provide a Fun, Safe, and Beneficial Experience

High Ropes

Open year round & never rained out 2 levels of obstacles add-on the zip line finish custom tailored programs 100% facilitated to provide a fun, safe, and beneficial experience

*Lake Williamson requires every participant to turn in a completed waiver prior to the start of their Adventure Recreation. This includes high ropes course, low ropes course, zip line, and climbing gym. Below you can download a copy of the waiver to print and sign.