Eagle Crest Adventure’s professionally trained facilitators utilize the program goals and Lake Williamson’s unique team building facilities to help your group reach its maximum potential!

Although there are many reasons a school might seek out a program like Eagle Crest Adventures, four primary outcomes stand above all others:

1. Improved Academics
Students and teachers often recognize previously unseen potential, creating new opportunities for academic improvement.

2. Development of Leaders and Problem-Solving Skills.
It is not uncommon to hear from teachers, “That’s not the same student who sits in my class every day.” Teachers who have used Eagle Crest Adventures have noted a decrease in sarcasm and an increase in encouragement among students.

3. Increased Awareness of Self and Others
This includes self-confidence, personal growth, empathy, and inclusiveness.

4. Adventure Education Provides a Catalyst for Growth.
Eagle Crest Adventures offers the opportunity for self-discovery and group development in each of its program components.

Whether you have one hour or one week, Eagle Crest Adventures can help train, inspire, educate.  Give us a call 800-500-5922 or email Eagle Crest Adventures.