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Meal Options

Buffet meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are included

At Lake Williamson Christian Center, event planners have a choice! We have 3 great dining opportunities for your group. All of our retreat packages include buffet style meals in our dining room; multiple entrees, salad bar, dessert, beverage center, etc. Looking to treat your guests to a special meal? Event planners can upgrade one of the meals to a sit and serve banquet with linens. Of course no meeting is complete without snacks, so don’t forget about our extensive snack list! We do all of the work to prepare and deliver the snacks to your meeting space, exactly when you want it. The Connections Cafe is also a great place for light meals or snack orders. Event planners must schedule its hours ahead of time, and know that its fun atmosphere creates a great opportunity for their guests to build relationships.

Buffet Meal

Buffet Meal Event Planning - Lake Williamson

Included in Group Retreat Packages
Serving Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Buffet dining is included in every group retreat package, with options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Lunch and dinner meals are served with multiple entrees, several side dishes, a soup of the day, salad bar (with a wide variety of toppings and dressings), assorted desserts, and beverage center (juices, coffee, tea, and soda).  In the mornings, meals include hot breakfast entrees, side dishes, beverage center, plus assorted cereals, bagels, and fruit.  Generally, buffet meals are served in the Lakeside Dining Room. For groups arriving late in the evening, your first meal can be served at the Connections Cafe. 

Our chefs choose the menu with care based on the type of groups we have on grounds at that time. Menus take into consideration the balance of children, youth, and adult groups scheduled, so that menu choices will meet the needs of everyone. Care is also taken to accommodate guests with special dietary needs. Please contact Conference Services with your group members' dietary needs.

Banquet Meal

Banquet Meal Event Planning - Lake Williamson

Upgrade a Meal in Your Retreat Package
Sit-Down or Buffet Served Options

A retreat package meal can be upgraded to a banquet.  This includes formal table settings and decorations and your choice of menu selections.  The meal can be served plated in courses or as a buffet.  Groups who wish to specify the menu selections should upgrade the standard buffet meals in their package to banquets.  The holiday season is a great time for banquets, especially for churches, non-profit organizations, and office staffs celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's. Each banquet meal is custom planned for each group.  Please contact our Group Accounts team to begin planning your banquet at 800-500-5922.  For a printable version of our banquet menu click here.

Meeting Room Food and Beverage Service

Meeting Room Food and Beverage Service

Delivered To Your Meeting Space
Options for All Ages & Times of the Day

It’s the idea of water cooler talk; people gather around food to fellowship! So let us help you get the most out of your retreat fellowship times. Let us handle all preparation and cleanup so you can focus on ministering to your attendees. You can add some extra comfort to your meeting room with a hot decanter of coffee, teas, or ice water; maybe a tray of fruit, vegetables, cheese and crackers, or fresh baked cookies. Think outside the box! Try our s’mores package during your group bonfire, or a late night pizza party. Contact Conference Services about adding our food and beverage services to your event. For a printable version of our meeting room food & beverage menu click here.

Connections Cafe

Connections Cafe Meal Event Planning - Lake Williamson

Pizza Parties
Snack Package Options

The Connections Cafe at the Activities Center is serving up items off the grill, appetizers, and cool treats from the ice cream freezer. Groups can arrange pizza parties, snack packages, or times for the Cafe to be open for individual pay out of pocket orders.  For your convenience there is an ATM located by the Activities Center front desk.

We want to help you get the most out of your retreat fellowship times.  Let us handle all preparation and cleanup so you can focus on ministering to your attendees.  The cafe and courtyard patio is a great spot to take in a movie with your whole group in a laid back, casual setting. It works well for small group meetings and fellowship times, too. Don't worry about internet, because the Cafe is equipped with WiFi!  For a printable version of our Connections Cafe menu click here.

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