The Beachfront & Outdoor Pool are open Memorial Day to Labor Day.

When our conference and retreat groups schedule the beachfront, they get to enjoy the multiple beach activities, as well as the outdoor pool.  The outdoor pool features a full size swimming pool and diving board. At the beach you can ride the plunge slide down twists and turns, get launched off the famous blob, climb the iceberg, jump on the water trampoline, relax on the sand, go canoeing or ride along on a paddleboat. Please note that the beachfront and outdoor pool will close for unsafe weather conditions.  Lifeguards & attendants are included in usage fees.  The beachfront and outdoor pool do require advance scheduling and/or adult supervision.

The Indoor Pool is open all year round!

The indoor pool is located in the Activities Center building and open all year round, pending unsafe weather conditions.  Our conference and retreat groups will enjoy the versatile pool as it has both a shallow and deep end, as well as a baby pool and adult hot tub.  While the indoor pool can be rented for no additional cost, we only require that groups pay for the lifeguard.  The indoor pool does require advance scheduling and/or adult supervision.

All water activities must be scheduled in advance with Conference Services.