Volunteer Program

Join the crowd at Lake Williamson for FUN, FELLOWSHIP AND FRIENDSHIP! We need you on our team. Whether you can give us a few hours, days or weeks, we have a program for you.

Webster’s Definition of ‘Volunteer’: A person who freely offers to do something without being paid.
Our Definition: Great people who change lives for eternity!

All of the staff at Lake Williamson value the dedication and commitment shown by the many volunteers who pass through our doors each year. In our continuing effort to show our true appreciation for all you do, we have worked to develop a new program offering many opportunities to serve and a wide variety of job choices.

About the Program

We will ask each volunteer to complete a Volunteer Information Sheet, giving us information about past volunteer experience and what kind of volunteer projects you would like to be involved in. We have many new project choices and hope we can find the perfect spot for each of you! 

Training sessions will be held throughout the summer season to update our volunteers on what is new at Lake Williamson. These sessions will give you information on area attractions, shopping, medical services, as well as detailed information about Lake Williamson for you to share with our groups and guests.

Lake Williamson volunteers will be issued red shirts designed especially for you. When you wear the red shirt, it lets our guests know you are at their service!

Service Levels

Gold: 24 hours individual / 30 hours couple
campsite, meals*, recreation

Silver: 18 hours individual / 24 hours couple
campsite, meals*, recreation on days worked (4 hour daily minimum)

Bronze: 12 hours individual / 18 hours couple
campsite, meals* on days worked (4 hour daily minimum)

*when the Lakeside Dining Room is serving.

Weekend volunteers working 8 hours individual or 14 hours per couple will receive gold level amenities while they are working on the weekends.

Individuals or couples who are RV Program Members and would like to volunteer on an intermittent basis will receive 1 night free camping for 4 hours of service.

Retired volunteers who have provided 5 years or more of service in the past will receive free campsite while visiting us for relaxation and fellowship. Meals may be purchased at the dining room whenever meals are being served.


Amenities provided (including meals and recreation) for our active volunteers do not include extended family, children or grandchildren.

Immediate family members of volunteers may purchase a meal in the dining room for the reduced member rate per person. Immediate family includes children and grandchildren only.

Contact Us

The Lake Williamson offices are always available for volunteer questions and needs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Remember, we want LWCC to feel like your home away from home, where friendships grow and laughter abounds.

Beth Mahkovtz is your Volunteer Services Coordinator. Please feel free to contact her at 217-854-4820 for all your inquiries and questions.