Called College Work Program with Lake Williamson

Lake Williamson and Called College have created a co-op work program which will allow students the opportunity for employment with Lake Williamson Christian Center while coinciding with their academic studies. Called College students will apply for and be interviewed in the same way all Lake Williamson applicants are and once hired the student will be expected to uphold all regular job duties and responsibilities.

How to Apply:

Submit your application online or download the application, fill out, sign, and return to Lake Williamson. Called College students will need to fill-in "Called College" under Referred By.

Positions Available:

Job position opportunities will be available in maintenance, grounds, food service, housekeeping, guest services, recreation, activities center, and marketing. Department-sharing of team members is a common practice and will be expected of co-op students. Opportunity for advancement to team leaders are available to exceptional workers.

Schedule & Wage:

The starting wage will be the Lake Williamson base incoming wage in effect at the time of their employment, currently $14.00 per hour. Work schedules could include non-academic weekdays, evenings, and weekends. Reasonable effort will be made to work around classes and required field assignments.

Summer Employment:

Summer Trimester work will be available with up to 40 hours per week and summer housing provided for $800 per semester. Housing costs can be deducted from the student's paycheck. Students may be asked to relocate into a summer dormitory duplex during the summer trimester. Based on the group schedule, meals for actively working summer co-op students will be available at the employee meal rate (currently $4 per meal) at Lakeside Dining Room.

Work Program Goals:

  • Provide an opportunity for motivated Called College students to graduate without debt or financial assistance.
  • Develop Called College students in character, work ethic, real-life skills, and team leadership.
  • Partner with Called College in equipping young adults with the education, experience, and training needed for effective vocational ministry.
  • Provide valuable service to the ministry of Lake Williamson and its guests.